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Archived 2014 Newsroom Posts 

Dec 10, '14 14:50

Wishing all of our clients, friends, and staff a warm and safe holiday and New Year season.  Our firm's year-end staff dinner is upcoming and we would like to remind our clients that we will have reserve staff on call throughout the stat holidays for emergency call-out site examinations. 

Nov 20, '14 08:15

Congratulations to Dr. Potma and Jason Young for presenting two seminars this week at Mackenzie Lake in London, Ontario.  The lunch and learn seminars "Recent Changes to the Minimum Maintenance Standards" and "Current Trends in Slip, Trip & Fall Investigations" were very well received.  We are currently booking complimentary lunch and learn seminars for law firms and insurance teams for Spring 2015.  Call to reserve your spot!!

Nov 14, '14 13:10

Congratulations to Dr. Potma of our office for completing this week's intense training conference in Mississauga on advanced crush energy analysis methods, hosted by CATAIR.

Oct 24, '14 08:30

Dr. Erin Potma and Steven Albert-Green attended yesterday's PIA expert training conference at the Carlu.  The event was a tremendous success with excellent educational sessions and speakers throughout.

Sept 24, '14 11:30

Happy New Year for 5775 to our clients and friends in the industry.

Sept 18, '14 09:00

Advantage Forensics celebrated its Company Golf Day yesterday, with our staff cleaning up the golf course in fine form and trimming the grounds on some of the holes as an added bonus.  Birdies remained rare and a good time was had by all.  Some of our staff will be attending the Gilbertson Davis annual reception night later today - See you there.

Sept 9, '14 14:50

Our staff was privileged to take a private tour of the Toronto Rehab centre this week.  The centre is a state-of-the-art research and clinical facility for rehabilitation engineering, falls research and assistive technology, managed by Dr. Geoff Fernie.  Through our partnering with the centre, we now offer advanced driver simulation studies, adaptable testing of staircase falls, simulated environment friction testing, and SATRA shoe testing as needed for claims investigations.

Aug 22, '14 15:30

We wish good journeys and good luck to our two summer students, Mr. Eduardo Campos and Ms. Shira Spitzer, who have completed their 2014 summer internship at Advantage Forensics and are returning to university to continue their Engineering degrees.  Eduardo is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at U of T, and Shira is a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering student at Ryerson University.  We will miss you both and good luck in the coming year!

Aug 12, '14 16:00

We offer condolences to Jason Young and his sister, Lisa Swimmer, on the sudden and unexpected passing last week of their father, Mr. Steven Young, who was tragically killed in a collision.  Steven was an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast who loved music and could fix just about anything.  Steven was a strong supporter of the firm and we will fondly remember his visits to our office to chat with the staff.  Donations can be made to Sunnybrook Health Science Centre.

June 25, '14 08:05

Dr. Erin Potma and Jason Young attended this week's ASTM standards committee meetings on pedestrian safety and footwear standard development.

June 2, '14 09:15

Our President, Jason Young, will be an expert panelist at tomorrow's OBA Civil Litigation e-Discovery Series on evidence analysis and vehicle black box recorders (EDRs) in Toronto.

May 8, '14 17:55

Dr. Erin Potma, Steven Albert-Green, and Jason Young participated in this week's ASTM standards committee week meetings on playground surfacing, sports equipment, and biomechanics standards at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Toronto.

Apr 4, '14 08:30

Advantage Forensics attended yesterday's social event at Biff's Bistro in Toronto, hosted by Beard Winter. 

Mar 7, '14 10:05

Jason Young attended yesterday's PEO "Engineering Innovations in 3-D Imaging" seminar at the Ontario Science Centre, which highlighted the state-of-the-art innovations coming to forensics site examinations and product failure investigations over the next decade.

Feb 4, '14 09:15

Make sure not to miss tomorrow's OIAA's Claims Conference at the Convention Centre in downtown Toronto.  See you all there.

Jan 22, '14 10:15

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Potma of our office who guest lectured yesterday at U of T's Undergraduate Engineering course on Biomechanics and Forensics.

Jan 2, '14 09:35

Welcome back and Happy 2014 to all our clients and friends in the industry. 

Archived 2013 Newsroom Posts 

Dec 16, '13 10:15

Happy Holiday Season and New Year to all our clients and friends in the industry.  We will have response teams on call and checking messages throughout the next two weeks for emergency and rush file assignments over the Stat Holidays.

Nov 21, '13 09:15

Congratulations to Jason Young who guest lectured yesterday at U of T's 3rd year Engineering course on the Forensics of Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Nov 14, '13 18:50

Steven Albert-Green and Jason Young attended today's "Cross-Border Product Liability" conference in Toronto, hosted by BOS Law, with the key lectures presented by U.S. counsel from Goldberg-Segalla.  

Nov 4, '13 15:20

Jason Young attended today's ASTM sub-committee standard development meeting on Outdoor Fitness Equipment standards.

Oct 3, '13 14:30

Congratulations to Jason Young who presented his scientific paper:

"Practical Method for Forensic Testing of Fall Impact Effects on the Human Spine",

this week at the Human Factors and Ergonomics conference in San Diego, CA.  The paper was well-received by the Human Factors forensic community and will hopefully propogate supplementary test studies by the industry.

Sept 16, '13 10:15

Congratulations to our Associate, Steven Albert-Green, for achieving his EIT designation and continuing on his path toward becoming a P.Eng.  Steven works with Jason Young and Dr. Erin Potma on the Collision Reconstruction team, Biomechanics team, and Product Failure team.

Sept 4, '13 14:30

Wishing a Happy Holiday season and best wishes to our clientele for 5774 and the coming New Year.  

Sept 3, '13 17:00

Congratulations to our President, Jason Young, for successful completion of his Level I and Level II certification exams for Zip Line & Ropes/Challenge Course Inspection in Baltimore, Maryland last month.    

Aug 29, '13 09:30

We would like to wish our co-op student Allen Ho good journeys in his return to U of T after completing his engineering Professional Experience Year with Advantage Forensics.  Best of luck Allen!  

July 31, '13 08:15

Wishing all of our insurance clients a wonderful August vacation season.    

June 27, '13 15:00

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our firm's family with the birth of a little girl, Adelaide, to Dr. Erin Potma and her husband Ted.  Adelaide arrived this morning at 7 lbs 1 oz., and mother and daughter are doing well.  Congratulations to Erin and Ted!  

June 14, '13 12:00

Jason Young and Steven Albert-Green presented the Education Series component of this year's CIAA Ontario Annual General Meeting at Oakwood Resort in Grand Bend, Ontario.  The sessions, entitled "Advanced Claims Handling for Slip Trip and Fall Claims" and "Black Boxes: 2013 & Beyond" were well-received by all.  Call to book a Summer 2013 or Fall 2013 complimentary training session for your team on either of these timely topics.    

June 11, '13 18:15

Advantage Forensics is proud to welcome Mr. Steven Albert-Green back as a Forensic Engineering Associate.  Steven recently completed his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and interned with our firm during his previous co-op term.  Steven will be starting Sept 1 with the Collision Reconstruction Team and the Biomechanics Team.    

May 22, '13 12:45

Look for our exciting new article "The Changing World of Collision Fraud Investigation" in this month's Without Prejudice Magazine.  The article, authored by Dr. Erin Potma and Jason Young, P.Eng., addresses the new strategies being attempted in fraudulent collision claims, and the forensic techniques to counter those strategies.  

May 3, '13 15:45

Dr. Erin Potma participated in this week's exclusive Advocates Society advanced mock trial program for experts.  

Apr 29, '13 08:00

Please join us in wishing Advantage Forensics Inc. a very happy 1st birthday.  We look forward to continuing to provide all of our insurance and legal clients the very best in forensics service in the years to come.   

Apr 9, '13 18:00

Our staff completed PC-Crash's Expert Level training course on tractor-trailer collision reconstruction.  

Mar 14, '13 12:18

Our Twitter activity continues to grow!  If you haven't had a chance yet to follow us on Twitter, you can find us @Advantage4Nsics and review all of our posted tip and tricks for claims adjusters from 2012.   

Mar 7, '13 16:16

Dr. Erin Potma and Jason Young attended today's seminar on Ski Hill Resort Liability at McCague Borlack in Toronto.  

Feb 6, '13 18:00

Jason Young and Dr. Erin Potma had the pleasure of presenting a workshop today to Black Sutherland LLP and Aviva Canada on "Advanced Analysis of Slip, Trip & Fall Claims". The workshop was well received and stimulated a great Q & A session on Building Codes and photogrammetry.  

Feb 4, '13 14:36

Advantage Forensics® is now an officially Registered Trademark in Canada, allowing us to further build our brand as the expert firm of choice for fast, reputable service.   

Jan 28, '13 16:30

Congratulations to our President, Jason Young, who had the pleasure today of returning as an Alumni to teach a course lecture on 'Workplace Biomechanics and Human Factors in Forensics' to the University of Toronto Engineering MIE240 class.  The interactive Prezi lecture was very well-received by the students, some of whom will hopefully be inspired to a future in Human Factors forensics.  Amazingly, the course lecture was held in the same classroom in Rosebrugh Building that Jason sat in 16 years ago while studying the Graduate level Human Factors course given by the renowned Dr. Alison Smiley!   

Jan 18, '13 08:45

We have confirmed that Jason Young will once again have the honour of being a paper reviewer for the Forensics Professionals Group at this year's Human Factors and Ergonomics Society annual conference.  Jason has been a conference paper reviewer for the FPG at the HFES for the last 5 years consecutively.  This year's annual conference will take place in San Diego and Advantage Forensics is submitting an exciting new research paper as well, co-authored by Dr. Erin Potma, Jason Young, and Steven Albert-Green.

Jan 2, '13 09:30

Happy New Year!  Join us in wishing Steven and Gilad, two of our co-op students, good luck as they return to the University of Waterloo to complete their Engineering degrees after having completed their co-op internships with Advantage Forensics.


Archived 2012 Newsroom Posts

Dec 27, '12 14:00

Congratulations to our own Dr. Erin Potma, who has completed her Ph.D. in Biomechanics and successfully defended her Doctoral thesis at Queens University!  Dr. Potma is our lead Biomechanics investigator for collision reconstruction, personal injury claims, and sports injury cases. 

Dec 5, '12 08:30

From all of our staff to you, our clients and friends, we wish you and your families the best of health and good wishes over the coming Holiday season and New Year.  In lieu of greeting cards, our firm will be making donations this month in honour of our clients to the Starlight Foundation in support of seriously ill children and to Beit Halochem Canada in support of victims of terrorism.  

Dec 5, '12 08:15

Congradulations to our own Gilad Hirsch for completing the Movember challenge to support Men's Health.  Gilad, you look great! (but shave now, please...). Advantage Forensics has made a donation to Movember in Gilad's honour.

Nov 30, '12 08:00

Just an advisory to our clients that we will be providing a skeleton staff throughout most of the holiday season for emergency file calls and rush site examinations on new matters.  If you happen to miss us on an urgent matter over the holidays, just leave a message and we will return your call shortly as we will be monitoring the phone lines.

Nov 9, '12 10:30

In keeping with our Green Advantage philosophy, we have improved our in-office recycling program to further reduce waste and landfill.  Remember to advise our staff when retaining us on new matters if you are not currently enrolled in our 'Green Advantage paperless client' program and would like to be.   

Nov 2, '12 10:00

Allen Ho of Advantage Forensics recently attended the "Transportation Law" seminar at McCague Borlack, focusing on the Canadian trucking industry.  

Nov 1, '12 09:15

Our research team has now completed its compilation of a massive motorcycle specs digital database project, consisting of thousands of models of motorcycles from the past three decades.  This proprietary database will allow us to power through motorcycle files with even greater efficiency and accuracy, providing you yet another key advantage in claims handling.

Oct 15, '12 08:00

We have moved and are operational at our brand new head office at 367 Rimrock Road, Unit 2 in Toronto!!!  Thank you to our loyal clients and friends for your support in helping us grow to this point and reach this milestone.  Please note our new mailing address on the Contacts page to update your records, as well as our new head office phone number (416) 630-0700.  Call us to find out more about our expanded full-breadth of services.

Oct 12, '12 15:00

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Gary Howard, P.Eng., C.Eng., onboard as our materials expert subconsultant for materials failure investigations.  Gary has conducted thousands of failure analysis forensic investigations over the past two and a half decades and has his Bachelor's degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Queen's University.  Gary also has 11 years of occupational health and safety experience as a Safety Engineer with the Workers' Compensation Board of British Colombia.  Look for Gary's information to be added soon to our Staff page. 

Sept 6, '12 20:00

Jason Young, Erin Potma, and Steven Albert-Green recently attended the crib safety worldwide new standard webinar, hosted by the Australian Safe Communities Foundation.

Sept 4, '12 07:15

Advantage Forensics is proud to welcome aboard Steven Albert-Green and Gilad Hirsch, both of the University of Waterloo, as mechanical engineering co-op students for the Fall 2012 term.  We welcome Steven and Gilad into the firm and know that they will both make a great addition to our team.  To find out more about our new staff additions, call us at 416-670-9690 or see ourStaffpage. 

Aug 17, '12 21:45

Our complimentary Lunch 'N Learn Advantage Series training seminars are now available for your insurance adjuster teams or junior risk assessment teams.  Call Jason Young at 416-670-9690 to book a date and select from among our seminar topics on motorcycles, nighttime driving, black box recorders, pedestrian collisions, human factors, floor safety & maintenance, Building Code assessments for exits, sliptesting, or other current topics of interest to your team.  Available in 30 or 60 minute slots.  Lunch included.  Now booking for Fall 2012. 

Aug 17, '12 21:30

Advantage Forensics is proud to support Better World Books, providing books to under-priviledged youth and youth in third world countries in order to promote reading and education. 

Aug 15, '12 10:30

Office update newsflash!!  Advantage Forensics will be moving locations in the Fall of 2012!!  Stay tuned for updates on the new location.  All clients will receive automated paperless updates with the new mailing address once the moving date is confirmed.  

Aug 1, '12 08:00

Advantage Forensics Inc. is very pleased to welcome aboard Allen Ho as a PEY co-op student intern for 2012/13 from the University of Toronto.  Allen will be interning on our Collision Reconstruction team and our Biomechanics team for the coming year before he returns in Sept 2013 to complete the final year of his Mechanical Engineering degree at U of T.  Please join us as we welcome Allen and his winning personality to our team.  See our 'Staff' page for more details.

July 26, '12 14:00

Advantage Forensics is proud to announce that it has now achieved federally-recognized status as an NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) approved research organization in forensics.  This coveted status will allow us to continue serving the legal and insurance industries while simultaneously advancing the state of forensics research in Canada.

July 26, '12 10:30

Advantage Forensics Inc. is thrilled to announce that Erin Potma has joined our team of associates and will be starting full-time in Sept 2012.  Erin will be defending her Ph.D. thesis in Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University at the end of the summer.  Erin will head up our Biomechanics team with her unique combination of Biomechanical Engineering degrees and research from Queens University and Surgical Medicine training from Australia.  Erin is also a certified fitness trainer, lifeguard, and sailer, adding to our wide range of expertise areas.  See our 'Staff' page for more details in mid-August.

July 3, '12 08:30

Advantage Forensics Inc. is proud to be supporting the Canadian Spinal Research Organization's research efforts by being a Hole Sponsor at the upcoming 3rd Annual Falconeri Munro Tucci Golf Tournament at the King's Riding Golf Club on July 10th.  To be a CSRO sponsor and help find a cure for paralysis, visit the CSRO website atwww.csro.com

July 1, '12 08:00

Advantage Forensics Inc. is proud to welcome Valerie Wellens of the University of Saskatchewan onto our Biomechanics team as a consultant.  Valerie has a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering with specialized expertise in assessing the gait mechanics of slips, trips & falls.  Valerie has a wealth of experience in studying the kinematics and kinetics of walking and balance, as well as prosthesis usage by disabled individuals.  Valerie also adds to our expanding breadth of multi-disciplinary forensic expertise with her background in fitness equipment training, weightlifting and martial arts.  See our 'Staff' page for more details.

July 1, '12 07:00

Advantage Forensics Inc. is pleased to launch our newest specialty area of forensic investigation: military training exercise accidents, military vehicle collisions, & weapons-related accidents.  This exciting new service offering will be headed up by our collision reconstruction specialist, Yaron Levgoren, who has extensive Elite Special forces training and military vehicle training.  This service offering is ideal for military investigations, police inquiries, or weapons-related incidents.  Call us for more information.

June 28, '12 08:00

Advantage Forensics Inc. is proud to announce that Yaron Levgoren has joined our collision reconstruction and road safety team as an associate.  Yaron is a Certified Reconstructionist for motor vehicle collisions and is a former Advanced Driving Instructor for drivers, motorcyclists, truck operators, and off-road vehicles.  Yaron has Municipal experience in Ontario in road safety assessments, and has supervised the investigation of over 1500 collisions as a Chief Police Inspector overseas, managing the Police Collision Reconstruction Department.  See our 'Staff' page for more details.

June 21, '12 08:30

Advantage Forensics Inc. is proud to have been a supporter of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen's "Music Heals" fantastic benefit event yesterday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, in support of Hughes Amys' Kadey Schultz and her son, Emery, who was recently diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Kadey is a great and inspirational personality in the Insurance industry, and we encourage all readers to support her son and MD research by making a small pledge to the League in her honour.  All proceeds go to The Biggar Endowment for MD at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 20, '12 11:30

Advantage Forensics® Inc. will be participating in today's NCSY Annual golf tournament in support of Ontario youth community programs and Ontario youth leadership programming.  

May 29, '12 16:00

 Advantage Forensics® Inc. is proud to announce that Dr. Greg Jamieson of the University of Toronto Faculty in Human Factors has joined our team of consultants.  Dr. Jamieson is a recognized expert in Cognitive Human Factors with dozens of research publications on various facets of the field, and is responsible for the Human Factors course curriculum at U of T's Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.  See our 'Staff' page for more details.  

May 22, '12 08:00

Advantage Forensics® Inc. is proud to welcome Brett Weltman on board as a summer intern for 2012.  Brett is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Criminology and will be training this summer at Advantage Forensics as a Forensic Investigator in criminal and civil motor vehicle collision cases.

Apr. 25, '12  07:30

Follow us on twitter at @Advantage4Nsics to receive great tips and helpful tricks of the trade to save you time and frustration when investigating and handling claims.  Retweet us for a chance at a quarterly draw.

Apr. 25, '12  07:00

Advantage Forensics®Inc. is proud to announce the launch of the firm's bold new website.  Check back monthly at aforensics.ca for staff and news updates, or email us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with your feedback and suggestions for industry articles.

Apr. 25, '12  00:01 

Advantage Forensics® Inc. proudly announces the launch of the firm to the insurance and legal industries in Ontario.  Advantage Forensics®will raise the bar for client service and value by providing best-in-class turnaround times for files while maintaining top-level quality and unyielding ethical standards.

Nov 2, '15 12:41

Congratulations to the Advantage Forensics team and to the Global TV newscrew for a great feature story on Global TV News Toronto on Oct 30. 


Oct 30, '15 14:45

Make sure to catch the Global TV News Toronto Evening News tonight at 5:30 pm as our firm will be highlighted in a feature story about the increasing number of pedestrian collisions this week, and what parents and children can do to stay safe.   


Oct 28, '15 19:30

Tune in to the CBC Metro Morning show tomorrow morning, Oct 29, at 6:00 am on the radio or on live TV broadcast as our President, Jason Young will be the guest expert commentator on a feature spot discussing the large number of pedestrian collisions that occurred this morning in the GTA. 


Sept 13, '15 10:00

Wishing our clients a Happy New Year and happy holiday season. 


Sept 1, '15 15:10

Advantage Forensics is proud to welcome Mack Smith to our Biomechanics team for a co-op work term from the University of Waterloo.  Mack is a Mechanical Engineering student specializing in Biomechanics with an additional two years of Kinesiology education.  Mack will be interning under the supervision of our Biomechanics team leader, Dr. Erin Potma.   


Sept 1, '15 14:30

Advantage Forensics is proud to welcome on board Sayf Gani as an Associate to our collision reconstruction team.  Sayf holds a Bachelors of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University with specialization in vehicle suspension, vehicle performance and vehicle propulsion.  Sayf will be specializing in multi-vehicle collision reconstruction, computer simulation, and collision animation.   

June 30, '15 18:00

We are now hiring junior and senior forensic engineers to join our team of investigators!!!  See the bottom of our 'About Us' page on the website for more details. 


May 29, '15 09:30

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Potma, Steven Albert-Green, Kyle Serkies, and Jason Young for participating as course instructors in yesterday's Advocates Society training program in Toronto on "Examining and Cross-examining Experts".  The program was a great success with rave reviews from all the intermediate and junior counsel who attended the program.  Congratulations as well to our President, Jason Young, for developing the case study and materials for the mock trial.  We look forward to next year's event. 

Feb 18, '15 18:17

We are currently booking our Fall 2015 "Lunch and Learn" educational series, which is a complimentary service that we provide to insurers, adjusters, counsel, and risk managers.  Call us for current topic choices and booking dates. 


Feb 17, '15 16:15

A major landmark ruling, released recently by the Ontario Court of Appeals, has overturned the trial judge's decision on Moore v Getahun re: meetings and drafts between counsel and their expert witnesses prior to final reports being issued.  This unanimous appeal ruling on the Rules of Civil Procedure states:

"The trial judge erred in holding that it was unacceptable for counsel to review and discuss the draft expert reports...It is widely accepted that consultation between counsel and expert witnesses in the preparation of Rule 53.03 reports, within certain limits, is necessary to ensure the efficient and orderly presentation of expert evidence and the timely, affordable and just resolution of claims...I reject the trial judge’s proclamation that the practice of consultation between counsel and expert witnesses to review draft reports must end."

"Where the party seeking production of draft reports or notes of discussions between counsel and an expert can show reasonable grounds to suspect that counsel communicated with an expert witness in a manner likely to interfere with the expert witness’s duties of independence and objectivity, the court can order disclosure of such discussions...for example, Ebrahim v. Continental...where...an expert witness testified that he did not draft the report or affidavit...and admitted that his firm had an ongoing commercial relationship with the party calling him.  Absent a factual foundation to support a reasonable suspicion that counsel improperly influenced the expert, a party should not be allowed to demand production of draft reports or notes of interactions between counsel and an expert witness.  Evidence of an hour and a half conference call plainly does not meet the threshold of constituting a factual foundation for an allegation of improper influence."


The ruling also overturned the trial judge's reliance on written expert reports that were not entered into evidence and were not the subject of cross-examination against the expert witness'  trial testimony.  Counsel should strongly reconsider the current general practice of not entering expert reports into evidence, which may not be the ideal strategy in some cases.  

Jan 30, '15 10:00

Please update your databases! 

Our new address is: 2770 Dufferin St., Suite 207, Toronto, ON, M6B 3R7

We look forward to serving you from our new and improved engineered workspace.

Jan 22, '15 13:45

Please join us in wishing congratulations to Dr. Erin Potma, our expert biomechanist, for obtaining her Professional Engineering (P.Eng.) licence this week.  Dr. Potma has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and is well-known throughout the industry for her in-depth expertise on injury biomechanics investigations.  

Jan 14, '15 12:30

Advantage Forensics announces the launch of our newly revamped website, along with the first issue of The Advantage, our industry news e-bulletin.  Check out the first issue, now available on our website at www.aforensics.ca

Jan 7, '15 17:40

Jason Young participated in this week's ASTM standards subcommittee meetings on Toy Safety standards in Canada, held in Ottawa. 

Jan 2, '15 08:00

On Feb 1, 2015, we are moving to our new office location at 2770 Dufferin St., Suite 207, Toronto ON  M6B 3R7.  Our phone number is unchanged.