May 2020

Congratulations to Essam Dabbour and Alberto Martinez on their publication of the paper

'Temporal stability of the factors related to the severity of drivers’ injuries in rear-end collisions',

which was jointly published with Ms. Olaa Dabbour (Dept of Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University). The paper is published in Accident Analysis & Prevention, a leading journal in safety studies. The paper explores the factors that increase the severity of rear-end accidents and whether those factors are consistent over time. This research project adds to other projects led by Dr. Dabbour to explore the factors that increase the severity of single-vehicle accidents, vehicle-train accidents, and rollover accidents. The findings of these research projects can help our Traffic Safety and Collision Reconstruction experts when analyzing and reconstructing traffic accidents by having more in-depth understanding of the contribution of those factors. 

Please click here to read the paper.

Congratulations to Dr. Dabbour, Mr. Martinez, and Ms. Dabbour on their hard work and achievement!


March 2020

Congratulations Kyle Serkies for reaching a 5 year milestone with the Advantage Forensics team!


March 2020

Congratulations to both Greg Prentice and Alberto Martinez on receiving their P. Eng. professional engineer designation! 


February 2020

Welcome back to Essam Dabbour! Essam worked for the Advantage Forensics team over the summer of 2019 and has now joined us full time as our Road Design and Traffic Safety specialist. 


January 2020

Welcome to Behzad Fazel, Brandon Braga and Harshvir Singh on joining the Advantage Forensics team!