Archived 2013 Newsroom Posts 

Dec 16, '13 10:15

Happy Holiday Season and New Year to all our clients and friends in the industry.  We will have response teams on call and checking messages throughout the next two weeks for emergency and rush file assignments over the Stat Holidays.

Nov 21, '13 09:15

Congratulations to Jason Young who guest lectured yesterday at U of T's 3rd year Engineering course on the Forensics of Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Nov 14, '13 18:50

Steven Albert-Green and Jason Young attended today's "Cross-Border Product Liability" conference in Toronto, hosted by BOS Law, with the key lectures presented by U.S. counsel from Goldberg-Segalla.  

Nov 4, '13 15:20

Jason Young attended today's ASTM sub-committee standard development meeting on Outdoor Fitness Equipment standards.

Oct 3, '13 14:30

Congratulations to Jason Young who presented his scientific paper:

"Practical Method for Forensic Testing of Fall Impact Effects on the Human Spine",

this week at the Human Factors and Ergonomics conference in San Diego, CA.  The paper was well-received by the Human Factors forensic community and will hopefully propogate supplementary test studies by the industry.

Sept 16, '13 10:15

Congratulations to our Associate, Steven Albert-Green, for achieving his EIT designation and continuing on his path toward becoming a P.Eng.  Steven works with Jason Young and Dr. Erin Potma on the Collision Reconstruction team, Biomechanics team, and Product Failure team.

Sept 4, '13 14:30

Wishing a Happy Holiday season and best wishes to our clientele for 5774 and the coming New Year.  

Sept 3, '13 17:00

Congratulations to our President, Jason Young, for successful completion of his Level I and Level II certification exams for Zip Line & Ropes/Challenge Course Inspection in Baltimore, Maryland last month.    

Aug 29, '13 09:30

We would like to wish our co-op student Allen Ho good journeys in his return to U of T after completing his engineering Professional Experience Year with Advantage Forensics.  Best of luck Allen!  

July 31, '13 08:15

Wishing all of our insurance clients a wonderful August vacation season.    

June 27, '13 15:00

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our firm's family with the birth of a little girl, Adelaide, to Dr. Erin Potma and her husband Ted.  Adelaide arrived this morning at 7 lbs 1 oz., and mother and daughter are doing well.  Congratulations to Erin and Ted!  

June 14, '13 12:00

Jason Young and Steven Albert-Green presented the Education Series component of this year's CIAA Ontario Annual General Meeting at Oakwood Resort in Grand Bend, Ontario.  The sessions, entitled "Advanced Claims Handling for Slip Trip and Fall Claims" and "Black Boxes: 2013 & Beyond" were well-received by all.  Call to book a Summer 2013 or Fall 2013 complimentary training session for your team on either of these timely topics.    

June 11, '13 18:15

Advantage Forensics is proud to welcome Mr. Steven Albert-Green back as a Forensic Engineering Associate.  Steven recently completed his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and interned with our firm during his previous co-op term.  Steven will be starting Sept 1 with the Collision Reconstruction Team and the Biomechanics Team.    

May 22, '13 12:45

Look for our exciting new article "The Changing World of Collision Fraud Investigation" in this month's Without Prejudice Magazine.  The article, authored by Dr. Erin Potma and Jason Young, P.Eng., addresses the new strategies being attempted in fraudulent collision claims, and the forensic techniques to counter those strategies.  

May 3, '13 15:45

Dr. Erin Potma participated in this week's exclusive Advocates Society advanced mock trial program for experts.  

Apr 29, '13 08:00

Please join us in wishing Advantage Forensics Inc. a very happy 1st birthday.  We look forward to continuing to provide all of our insurance and legal clients the very best in forensics service in the years to come.   

Apr 9, '13 18:00

Our staff completed PC-Crash's Expert Level training course on tractor-trailer collision reconstruction.  

Mar 14, '13 12:18

Our Twitter activity continues to grow!  If you haven't had a chance yet to follow us on Twitter, you can find us @Advantage4Nsics and review all of our posted tip and tricks for claims adjusters from 2012.   

Mar 7, '13 16:16

Dr. Erin Potma and Jason Young attended today's seminar on Ski Hill Resort Liability at McCague Borlack in Toronto.  

Feb 6, '13 18:00

Jason Young and Dr. Erin Potma had the pleasure of presenting a workshop today to Black Sutherland LLP and Aviva Canada on "Advanced Analysis of Slip, Trip & Fall Claims". The workshop was well received and stimulated a great Q & A session on Building Codes and photogrammetry.  

Feb 4, '13 14:36

Advantage Forensics® is now an officially Registered Trademark in Canada, allowing us to further build our brand as the expert firm of choice for fast, reputable service.   

Jan 28, '13 16:30

Congratulations to our President, Jason Young, who had the pleasure today of returning as an Alumni to teach a course lecture on 'Workplace Biomechanics and Human Factors in Forensics' to the University of Toronto Engineering MIE240 class.  The interactive Prezi lecture was very well-received by the students, some of whom will hopefully be inspired to a future in Human Factors forensics.  Amazingly, the course lecture was held in the same classroom in Rosebrugh Building that Jason sat in 16 years ago while studying the Graduate level Human Factors course given by the renowned Dr. Alison Smiley!   

Jan 18, '13 08:45

We have confirmed that Jason Young will once again have the honour of being a paper reviewer for the Forensics Professionals Group at this year's Human Factors and Ergonomics Society annual conference.  Jason has been a conference paper reviewer for the FPG at the HFES for the last 5 years consecutively.  This year's annual conference will take place in San Diego and Advantage Forensics is submitting an exciting new research paper as well, co-authored by Dr. Erin Potma, Jason Young, and Steven Albert-Green.

Jan 2, '13 09:30

Happy New Year!  Join us in wishing Steven and Gilad, two of our co-op students, good luck as they return to the University of Waterloo to complete their Engineering degrees after having completed their co-op internships with Advantage Forensics.