Archived 2014 Newsroom Posts 

Dec 10, '14 14:50

Wishing all of our clients, friends, and staff a warm and safe holiday and New Year season.  Our firm's year-end staff dinner is upcoming and we would like to remind our clients that we will have reserve staff on call throughout the stat holidays for emergency call-out site examinations. 

Nov 20, '14 08:15

Congratulations to Dr. Potma and Jason Young for presenting two seminars this week at Mackenzie Lake in London, Ontario.  The lunch and learn seminars "Recent Changes to the Minimum Maintenance Standards" and "Current Trends in Slip, Trip & Fall Investigations" were very well received.  We are currently booking complimentary lunch and learn seminars for law firms and insurance teams for Spring 2015.  Call to reserve your spot!!

Nov 14, '14 13:10

Congratulations to Dr. Potma of our office for completing this week's intense training conference in Mississauga on advanced crush energy analysis methods, hosted by CATAIR.

Oct 24, '14 08:30

Dr. Erin Potma and Steven Albert-Green attended yesterday's PIA expert training conference at the Carlu.  The event was a tremendous success with excellent educational sessions and speakers throughout.

Sept 24, '14 11:30

Happy New Year for 5775 to our clients and friends in the industry.

Sept 18, '14 09:00

Advantage Forensics celebrated its Company Golf Day yesterday, with our staff cleaning up the golf course in fine form and trimming the grounds on some of the holes as an added bonus.  Birdies remained rare and a good time was had by all.  Some of our staff will be attending the Gilbertson Davis annual reception night later today - See you there.

Sept 9, '14 14:50

Our staff was privileged to take a private tour of the Toronto Rehab centre this week.  The centre is a state-of-the-art research and clinical facility for rehabilitation engineering, falls research and assistive technology, managed by Dr. Geoff Fernie.  Through our partnering with the centre, we now offer advanced driver simulation studies, adaptable testing of staircase falls, simulated environment friction testing, and SATRA shoe testing as needed for claims investigations.

Aug 22, '14 15:30

We wish good journeys and good luck to our two summer students, Mr. Eduardo Campos and Ms. Shira Spitzer, who have completed their 2014 summer internship at Advantage Forensics and are returning to university to continue their Engineering degrees.  Eduardo is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at U of T, and Shira is a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering student at Ryerson University.  We will miss you both and good luck in the coming year!

Aug 12, '14 16:00

We offer condolences to Jason Young and his sister, Lisa Swimmer, on the sudden and unexpected passing last week of their father, Mr. Steven Young, who was tragically killed in a collision.  Steven was an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast who loved music and could fix just about anything.  Steven was a strong supporter of the firm and we will fondly remember his visits to our office to chat with the staff.  Donations can be made to Sunnybrook Health Science Centre.

June 25, '14 08:05

Dr. Erin Potma and Jason Young attended this week's ASTM standards committee meetings on pedestrian safety and footwear standard development.

June 2, '14 09:15

Our President, Jason Young, will be an expert panelist at tomorrow's OBA Civil Litigation e-Discovery Series on evidence analysis and vehicle black box recorders (EDRs) in Toronto.

May 8, '14 17:55

Dr. Erin Potma, Steven Albert-Green, and Jason Young participated in this week's ASTM standards committee week meetings on playground surfacing, sports equipment, and biomechanics standards at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Toronto.

Apr 4, '14 08:30

Advantage Forensics attended yesterday's social event at Biff's Bistro in Toronto, hosted by Beard Winter. 

Mar 7, '14 10:05

Jason Young attended yesterday's PEO "Engineering Innovations in 3-D Imaging" seminar at the Ontario Science Centre, which highlighted the state-of-the-art innovations coming to forensics site examinations and product failure investigations over the next decade.

Feb 4, '14 09:15

Make sure not to miss tomorrow's OIAA's Claims Conference at the Convention Centre in downtown Toronto.  See you all there.

Jan 22, '14 10:15

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Potma of our office who guest lectured yesterday at U of T's Undergraduate Engineering course on Biomechanics and Forensics.

Jan 2, '14 09:35

Welcome back and Happy 2014 to all our clients and friends in the industry.