In today's complex litigation environment, forensic expertise is critical.  Today's claims require comprehensive but delicate handling right from the start to obtain all of the evidence and analyze it properly.  Like a closely matched tennis game, plaintiff and defence counsel rally arguments back and forth in litigation, trying to counter the other party's moves and gain the upper hand.  Often the parties are locked in struggle, stuck at deuce, unable to reach a resolution.  To reach game, you need to first reach advantage.  Advantage Forensics.

Advantage4Claims™ is our standard service product for adjusters and lawyers, covering expert forensic investigation of claims in:

·         Collision Reconstruction & Black Box Download

·         Pedestrian, Bicycle, Motorcycle & Tractor-trailer Collisions

·         Nighttime Visibility & Lighting Assessments

·         Road Design & Winter Maintenance Assessments

·         Slips, Trips, Falls & Friction Testing

·         Staircase Assessment

·         Product Failure & Material Failure

·         Human Factors

·         Biomechanics

·         Residential & Commercial Fire Origin & Cause

·         Vehicle, Product & Equipment Fire Investigation

·         Oil & Gas Accidents

·         Workplace Accidents &Control Systems Failure

·         Signage & Warnings

·         Skiing, Swimming & Sports Accidents

·         Fitness Equipment &  Playground Accidents

·         Military Training Accidents & Weapons-related Accidents

Having a recognized expert who applies scientific theory to the case but explains it in common sense will give you the advantage you need.  The Advantage4Claims™.  Our experts will  conduct a thorough investigation, consider all the evidence fairly, get to the answer quickly, and then tell you like it is - whatever the findings are.  That type of knowledge is power on your side of the court so you can serve your client properly.  The last thing you want is to end up in court with a weak case that will fall apart under the microscope.  We provide forensic expertise that you can count on, every time.  The courts simply won't settle for less.