Our Advantage4Safety™ service provides 3 distinct ways to identify and eliminate hazards, ensure the safety of your product or public space, and minimize your risk of claims:


Specific or comprehensive testing of your new or existing product


  • Static load testingtoe clearance
  • Dynamic & cyclic load testing 
  • Drop testing
  • Fatigue testing
  • Hardness compliance testing
  • Controlled temperature exposure testing
  • Factor of safety assessment
  • Warning label assessment
  • Instruction manual assessment 


 All product testing is completed to your specifications in a controlled test laboratory.  We provide you with a report of the test results for your product development program or quality control program.



Friction testing of your new or existing floor surfaces


  • Schools & Universities staircase model5
  • Malls & Department stores
  • Hospitals & Walk-in clinics
  • Waterparks & Amusement parks
  • Hotels & Casinos 
  • Industrial workplaces & Restaurants
  • Community Centres & Pools
  • Condominiums & Garages

Our floor friction testing program is a must-have for all commercial facilities and hard floor workplaces.  Periodic floor testing audits are an integral part of facility management.  We will customize a floor testing program for your specific needs using the BOT3000, a state-of-the-art sliptester endorsed by the industry that measures static and dynamic friction for dry or wet conditions.  We provide you with a report of the results and a floor safety program audit certificate.



Safety assessment of your new or existing facility 

  • Hazard assessmenthelicopterview
  • Fall prevention program
  • Machinery guarding assessment
  • Code compliance consulting
  • OHSA complicance consulting
  • Safety practices and procedures review

Our facility assessment program is a crucial part of the safety program that all commercial facilities and workplaces should have in place.  We provide you with a comprehensive report for your in-house safety program, detailing the scope of the assessment, the condition of the facilities and equipment, any hazards to be removed or remediated, and recommendations for current procedures and follow-up safety reviews.







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