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Explore the 5 advantages of using Advantage Forensics®:

Expertise Advantage      •      Speed Advantage      •      Price Advantage

Green Advantage      •      Community Advantage



 Expertise Advantage...  Advantage Forensics® Inc. provides recognized and qualified forensic experts.  Experts at the top of their respective fields.  Experts with extensive trial experience in the Superior Court of Ontario as well as arbitration and deposition experience.  Experts who understand the scientific basis for the case and know how to present that science in a simple and convincing manner.  Experts who have handled the large and high profile cases time and time again.  Our staff are actively involved in peer-reviewed forensic research and have the benefit of experience on over 5000 cases.  Advantage Forensics is also an official NSERC-approved organization for forensic research in Canada. Get the advantage of experience.





Speed Advantage... Whether you are an insurance adjuster or legal counsel, you need results…fast.  The deadlines for serving expert reports in the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure have strained the expert witness industry to the limits and beyond.  At Advantage Forensics, you will get best-in-class file turnaround times that have been designed to impress, providing you with unparalleled service.  Don't be under-serviced by your old providers.  Once you see the difference you won't go back. Get the advantage of speed.






Price Advantage... You need to set your reserves on files wisely and manage your expert expenses.  That  makes sense.  At Advantage Forensics, every file is charged on a fixed project fee basis, phase-by-phase. You can rest easy knowing that your bill will match your quote within 10%, guaranteed.  We have streamlined expenses and disbursements to offer you fair rates for expert service, without sacrificing quality.  We are also the only forensic engineering firm in Ontario to offer discounts for early payment of invoices, a unique feature that our clients have come to appreciate.  Combine all this with our other Advantages and it adds up to unparalleled value. Get the advantage of value.






Green Advantage... The future has arrived and it’s time for corporations to take a real stand on the environment and make a difference where we can.  We offer all new clients a fully paperless option and we provide all clients paperless billing.  We also offer our staff financial incentives to switch to hybrid or electric vehicles.  It’s time for a change. Get the advantage of going green.






Community Advantage... At Advantage Forensics, we value community support and personal development.  Giving to the community develops the individual.  It's what we believe.  Our staff are involved in numerous community volunteer initiatives and are encouraged to dedicate time for personal growth.  We support a number of worthy charities and insurance industry events, as you can read about from time to time on our Newsroom page. Get the advantage of community.



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